Friday, 18 November 2011

Website Payment Issues Fixed

Today it came to our attention that the website was producing an error when people tried to order. If the 1 piece dropship option was selected and you processed the order via Paypal or Google checkout the total value of the order would be incorrect.

We have now edited the code at the checkout to fix the issue. You should all now be able to order without any issues. If any other problems do occur please email us via the website and we will get it fixed straight away.

In other news we just received a new range of corsets and costumes. One of our favourites is an incredible Minnie mouse corset, which we hope to have available for sale in the next few weeks.

More news soon.

Dave & Kat

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

New stock has arrived and more is due by the end of the week

Good news! Stock has arrived over the last few days, which we have now added to the website. They include:
  • Our popular Minnie Mouse costume
  • Black Swan costume (just added to the catalogue under Corsets)
  • Sailor costumes
  • Vinyl Stockings
We also have the following arriving before the end of the week:
  • Kill Bill Catsuits - All sizes
  • Leggings - Various
We have also started to receive a new selection of costumes but untill we have a photoshoot they will not be uploaded to the website. If anyone wants to buy some and take their own pictures we can do that for you. Just send us an email to the company address and we can sort it out.

More to follow soon.

Dave & Kat

Friday, 11 November 2011

An Introduction from Dave & Kat

Hello and welcome to the brand new FDQ wholesale and dropship blog!

We would like to briefly introduce ourselves and get started with this blog by updating our members on the latest developments at FDQ headquarters.

The company is run by myself, Dave and my partner Kathryn. We are a couple in our mid-20's set on making a big impression on the party industry, particularly the supply sector. You can contact us anytime via the website contact us form or by calling us on the phone. The number can be found on the homepage of our website. We're very approachable and will talk to you all day long about the fancy dress trade if you need any help or advice for your business.

We are starting this blog to ensure that our customers are updated regularly and informed regarding the latest news from us. We will post when new stock arrives and the quantities so that you can update your own stock list, when new costumes become available, new costume images for use on your own sites, price changes, industry news and special offers. We don't currently have a Twitter or Facebook page set up for the company but if you would prefer us to update you via this method we have no problem setting it up, just let us know.

That's it for now. We'll get back to work and keep you all updated on what we've working on in a new post very soon.

Visit our website here to get started:

Thanks for your support and good luck with your business.

Dave & Kat